Monday, 14 November 2011

Max as a Voter for "The World’s 50 Best Bars" 2011

Source: Drinks International’s WebSite

The World’s 50 Best Bars is Drinks International’s annual survey to find the best bars in the world.

Camper English profiles some of the experts from around the globe invited to vote in this year’s poll.

Here you’ll find a full list of those – known as The Academy – who offered their opinion.
The final top 50 was helped along by votes from 100 bars that featured in or voted for last year’s list

HERE you can download the original PDF file with the featured Bars

Philip Duff, Amsterdam
Linden Pride, Asia /Australia
Phillip Bayly, Austrailia
Myffanwy Rigby, Austrailia
Stanislav Vadrna, Bratislava /Paris
George Nemec, China
Antonio Lai, China
Jimmy Barrat De Cecco, Dubai
Alexandre Gabriel, France
Helmut Adam, Germany
Stephan Berg, Germany
Hidetsugu Ueno, Japan
Kurt Schlechter,SouthAfrica
Max La Rocca, Spain
Mathin Lundgren, Sweden
Thomas Kuuttannen, Sweden
David Cordoba, UK
John Gakuru, UK
Angus Winchester, UK
Gaz Regan, US
Jacques Bezuidenhout, US
Ann Tuennerman, US
Dale DeGroff, US
Doug Frost, US
Ed Hamilton, US
Eric Seed, US
Francesco LaFranconi, US
Martin Cate, US
Jenny Adams, US
Jim Meehan, US
Steve Olson, US
Wayne Curtis, US
Eben Freeman, US
Jacob Briars, New Zealand
Charlotte Voisey, US/UK
Michael Silvers, Australia
Sophie Decobecq, Mexico
Daniel Estremadoyro, Argentina
Matthew Bax, Australia
Chesterfield Browne, Barbados
Dmitry Sokolov,Russia
Simon Ford, US
Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, US
Kathy Casey, US
Tony Abou-Ganim, US
Camper English, US
Barrie Wilson, Scotland
Rob Rademaker, Amsterdam
Gaston Regnier, Argentina
Kim McDiarmid, Austrailia
Jamaal Bowen, Barbados
Marcus King, Dubai
Gianluigi Bosco, Italy
Josue Merced-Reyes, Puerto Rico
Thomas Aske, UK
Luca Cordiglieri, UK

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