Monday 17 September 2007

The Temple Garden

The "Temple Garden" as been conceived to support a relaxing health treatment journey in the best Hotel's Spas, imagining a real "garden" through the use of Lychee flavoured river pebbles and soya sprouts that "play" side by side with the Sake based drink.
Our guest, in fact, can "play" with a bi-dimensional drink and decide whether to flavour it or not with the pebbles according to his taste.

1 Pink Grapefruit juiced
1 Oz Cranberry Juice
1 1/4 Oz Sake

Soya sprouts
4 Pieces Pink Grapefruit pulp
1/2 Oz Pink Grapefruit juice
Drops of Balsamic vinegar

-Flavour the pebbles in a jam jar or a container with a tight-fitting lid along with fresh lychees, a little vodka and lychee liqueur.
-Prepare the salad.
-Add the drink ingredients into the shaker, shake and strain into a small tumbler filled with fresh ice and garnish with a physalis.

1 comment:

Robert Heugel said...

The drink looks awesome! I love variations on cocktails that take them out of the glass and play with our concepts of food. I would really like to do some things like this, but I don't have a venue for them myself. I especially like the use of balsamic vinegar. Vinegar cocktails are gaining momentum, and I think balsamic is cocktails that is. Keep up the good work.