Tuesday, 27 November 2012


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Thursday, 22 November 2012

"Where is the Turkey?" ThanksGiving Day Cocktail

Happy ThanksGiving day to everyone with my signature recipe:

30 ml. Don Julio Blanco
10 ml. Ramazzotti
15 ml. Lime Juice
15 ml.Cinnamon Syrup
20 ml. Yellow Chartreuse cooked with 2 Sprigs of Rosemary 

Swizzle with crushed ice

Garnish with caramelized Kumkuats and sprig of Rosemary
(Foto by George Restrepo)

In a cooking vessel add the Chartreuse and a spring of rosemary. Using a blow torch cook the ingredients until you get an infusion. Strain into a Russian Imperial Mug with Crushed ice. Add all the other ingredients helping yourself with a swizzle stick. Add more crushed ice.
Garnish: with a Flamed Rosemary Sprig and Caramelized Kumquats. "Na Zdorovie"
Inspiration: I made this drink during his visit as Guest Bartending at City Space Bar in Moscow on Thanksgiving Day. 
I was inspired by the way people cook their turkeys to celebrate. 
When I gave it to try to my first guest in Moscow, after explaining this story he said, so...."Where is the Turkey?"

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

SICILY, DIAGEO training with...Secret Ingredients

Here we are again with new amazing content for you to get inspired from and exciting with: 

Photos and impressions on our  World Class Training Session in one of the most attractive Italian regions: SICILY!  

It  took place at the Quattro Venti Wine Bar and Club  in Catania. 

Elena Riccardino during her explanation of the Competition rules

Franco Gasparri focusing on Trends and our Super Premium Products

"Where Flavour is King" presentation is beginning..

Setting up with elegance

Let's start...WALKING

Vapourizing dreams and promises..

Going interactive...

...and making our audience experience something UNIQUE:


"Hollywood Cocktails" are Swinging by and some Secret Ingredients are...in the AIR

First, a different way to use a Whisky "pipette", filling it with home-made Pimento Dram, to give the chance to our guest to interact with its drink

Then shake to wake it up, not to send it to sleep, right?

Here you have "Sammy's Tie" my twist on a Mai Tai, where the protagonist isTanqueray Ten. Drink inspired by Sammy Davis Junior, one of the celebrities behind the famous "Rat Pack"

And the final Secret Ingredient inspired by the name of the location of the training, the Quattro Venti (Four Winds) and from the beauty of its city: some "real" Luxury Air from Catania (shaken according to the mood) a pretty detail that puts a nice smile on our guest's face.

..and a nice Tie created especially for this drink, in perfect Gentleman's style 
to celebrate the famous dancers / actors / singers that formed the amazing Rat Pack.
All these incredible sensations where translated into an amazing "visual journey" through  the photos taken by Marco Merli of Mcm Comunicazione

Hope you enjoyed it
Stay tuned for the next posts!
Celebrate life every day, everywhere
Max La Rocca

Monday, 17 September 2012

"Stop that Limousine!" Barrel Aged Cocktail by Max La Rocca

After 6 months of sleeping with my Barrel I'm eventually ready to share with you all

The "STOP THAT LIMOUSINE" Barrel Aged Cocktail

The drink is a variation on a Claridgeʼs Cocktail swapping Apricot Brandy for Benedictine and served with orange Bitter and the fragrant essential oils of the lemon peel garnish.

The name comes from the Limousine wood of the casks that have been ageing with Plantation Rum for a perdiod of 6 months.

Is very interesting to age a gin Cocktail into a Rum Barrel with the botanicals of the Gin blending with the exotic fruits of the Rum.

The drink has a fantastic colour, is very balanced, warm and has an intriguing oily texture because of the long interaction with the Barrel.

Hope you enjoy it!

The base formula will be:

25 ml Citadelle Gin
25 ml Noilly Prat
10 ml Benedictine
10 ml Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao

Friday, 14 September 2012

Max La Rocca on RyanAir On Flight Magazine

Congratulations to all the team!!