Thursday, 22 November 2012

"Where is the Turkey?" ThanksGiving Day Cocktail

Happy ThanksGiving day to everyone with my signature recipe:

30 ml. Don Julio Blanco
10 ml. Ramazzotti
15 ml. Lime Juice
15 ml.Cinnamon Syrup
20 ml. Yellow Chartreuse cooked with 2 Sprigs of Rosemary 

Swizzle with crushed ice

Garnish with caramelized Kumkuats and sprig of Rosemary
(Foto by George Restrepo)

In a cooking vessel add the Chartreuse and a spring of rosemary. Using a blow torch cook the ingredients until you get an infusion. Strain into a Russian Imperial Mug with Crushed ice. Add all the other ingredients helping yourself with a swizzle stick. Add more crushed ice.
Garnish: with a Flamed Rosemary Sprig and Caramelized Kumquats. "Na Zdorovie"
Inspiration: I made this drink during his visit as Guest Bartending at City Space Bar in Moscow on Thanksgiving Day. 
I was inspired by the way people cook their turkeys to celebrate. 
When I gave it to try to my first guest in Moscow, after explaining this story he said, so...."Where is the Turkey?"

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