Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How about turning the "Irish Mermaid" into a new Classic Cocktail?

Dear colleagues, friends and guests how about turning the IRISH MERMAID Cocktail into a NEW CLASSIC, making the drink in your Bar and spreading the word about it?

I've been thinking about this after 2 years of amazing feedbacks from my guests and decided it would be nice to share it with you all, because sharing is caring right?

This drink also got a Certificate of Excellence from Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller and appears in the World's Best Bars "Ramping up the Classics" Series.

"Irish Mermaid"
35 ml Quality Irish Whiskey
10 ml Cherry Heering
10 ml Aperol
5 ml Orgeat
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Orange twist

Garnish with Brandied Black Cherries cooked and reduced into Cherry Heering
(if you find nice brandied cherries or Luxardo Maraschino black cherries is fine too, as long as they're not the cheap red plastic ones)

The name "Mermaid" pays homage to the statue of the little Mermaid in Copenhagen which is where Cherry Heering liqueur comes from.

When I created this drink, the bar I was working at, was very famous for
afternoon tea, so I wanted to start selling cocktail during those hours too and decided to throw this drink right at the customer's table with a crystal teapot so that people would get curious about cocktails.

After a few months, that's what happened!

Today you can enjoy this beautiful drink at Ohla Hotel's "Boutique Bar" in Barcelona.

If you can't use a teapot a simple throwing will do the trick!

By playing on the amount of Orgeat, you can easily transform this nice aperitif into a tasty after dinner drink making it suitable for any time of the day.

The drink showcases the warmth of the beautiful and flexible Irish Whiskey with the slight bitterness from the oranges and rhubarb of the Aperol, perfectly balanced by the combination of cherry and almond flavours.

Angostura Bitters gives it a nice depth, while the orange twist provides nice and fresh citrus notes to the cocktail.

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Ben Requena said...

Hey Max, I'd love to help you make this recipe stick as a classic. Would you mind creating an account on GarnishBar.com and submitting this recipe? I would submit it myself, but didn't want to take any credit away from you.